Animal Crossing: New Horizons Basic Guide

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Basic guide to help you start your living and island-building in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

How to get Iron Ore

First place yourself next to a rock by equipping the shovel, after which turn around and dig 2 holes while making sure you are between the rock and the dug holes. You'll have to hit the rock as many times as you can and as fast as you can.

Earn bells Fast

Among the first quickest and fastest ways to get Animal Crossing New Horizons bells is to sell fruit. Although there are 5 types of fruits available in the game (apples, pears, oranges, cherries and peaches), at first you will have only one fruit. One of the things you can do is visit the other islands and bring back to your other fruits to grow them. In fact, if you sell a fruit from your island you will get 100 bells, while if you sell a fruit from another player's island you will earn 500.

How to increase the island's rating

To increase the value of your island you will have to beautify it and make it comfortable and full of items. Indulge in creating new items using DIY work desks. Watch out for the projects you can find in bottles on the beach. Buy from Tom Nook which has a daily rotating showcase.

How to get Gold Tools

Within the game the gold tools are the ones with the highest level of durability but they are very difficult to obtain. In addition, you will need to have a gold ore to manufacture the instruments. Here's what you need to do to get the golden version of the ACNH DIY Recipes:

  • Golden Axe: Break 100 axes. To make it you will then need a gold ore and an axe. Take fragile axes of poor durability and smash them against the rocks.
  • Gold Fishing Rod: Complete the fish section of your encyclopedia, capturing all the marked species.
  • Golden Net: You will have to complete the Insects section.
  • Gold shovel: You will have to help Gulliver about 30 times. Gulliver can be found (about every 10 days) on the shore of your island.
  • Golden Slingshot: Balloons appearing on the island burst.
  • Golden watering can: You will have to bring the rating of the island to 5 bells and keep it for 15 days.

How to unlock the magic wand

You can do this during shooting star nights. In fact there are some evenings with a particularly clear sky. During the fall of the bells it will be possible to make a wish, but you will have to go to precise points where you can do it and where the sky is clearly visible. Use the right analog stick to observe it (without having any tool in your hand). After some time you should see a shooting star pass by. At this point you just have to press A to make a wish. The night of the shooting bells, however, is not over and since the bells travel in groups, wander around for a few minutes in search of new desires to express. This will lead you to get Star Fragments.

The first time Celeste the Owl arrives in your city, she will give you the Magic Wand project. To manufacture this tool you will need 4 different materials: 3 Fragments of Star A Fragment of Great Star