Madden NFL 21 Features and Gamplay Guide

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Mouse in Madden NFL 21 to a living legend of American Football! You challenge opposing teams from all over the world and secure a place at the top of the ranking list.

Mouse in Madden NFL 21 to a living legend of American Football! You challenge opposing teams from all over the world and secure a place at the top of the ranking list.

The free 21 game Madden NFL 21 is an American football arena on your smartphone or tablet, in which hard-armored players face each other and pursue an oval game ball. As soon as your boys are in possession of the ball, they have to "push" only into the opponent's side of the field and achieve a touchdown. Of course, the competing team players do not make it easy for your athletes. Luckily, you have a good look at what's happening and a tough strategy.

Madden NFL 21 is the Android and iOS plug-in of the famous sports series of Electronic Arts (The Sims - Freespiel, SimCity BuildIt). Named the game after the legendary coach and later NFL commentator John Madden. In the free-to-play 21game, you set up your own American Football team and train them. With some skill, you even lead them directly to the Super Bowl Final.

In Madden NFL 21 you can choose from all the top athletes of the NFL (National Football League). Find the best of them and shape them into a well-established team to dominate the league! As in real professional sports, in Madden NFL 21, each player has his own strengths and weaknesses, and you should start your game with the best NFL Teams. As a skillful coach, your task is to coordinate the team so that each athlete is optimally positioned and there is simply no passing through for opponents. With a look at the essentials, you can use the American Football Simulator to boost the strengths of your players so they can triumph over their opponents in the coming competitions.

So much for the theory. As soon as two teams meet, it is for you out of the coach's gap and into the game tricot! On the field, you show how much ambition and tactical talent is in you. With an analogue stick control, you control your players in the field of honor and try to completely separate your opponent.


Before it starts, the first choice is your team. The NFL has been completely licensed and you can choose your personal favorite from the whole league. If you are not familiar with the comprehensive rules of the American Footballs, you do not have to put your head in the sand, because an extensive tutorial will gradually teach you all the tricks and tricks of the sport. With ready-made moves, you determine the tactics of your team and decide how your team should behave on the pitch.

On the transfer market, you invest your funds into new player packs, which always give you a random selection of players for your team. Each player has a different value, depending on the performance potential. Top NFL playbooks like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers will improve your squad and make the difference between victory and defeat. But past NFL stars are also part of the game, allowing you to create your very own team to meet the regular live events and challenges.

If you are on the offensive, you play as a quarterback and decide for long passes on your running backs or try to beat yourself directly through the opposing defense. In doing so, you must always make sure enough yards on the ground to get close to the opponent's touchdown line. With the decisive pass you can then bring the lice to the end zone and perform your punching. For the ultimate challenge, there are also matches against friends and players around the world, with whom you will be playing your very own Superbowl. Madden NFL 21 is a free download for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.