Expensive armour is crashing since they do not get ruined

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Expensive armour is crashing since they do not get ruined

Should you would like that 77 str into 80, you cant do it with a whip. I propose a saradomin sword (ss), or if you dont have the RS gold money, a d scimmy/d defender combo. In the event you wont or cant yet do the monkey madness quest, then I suggest either a brac blade, or a d long if your really low on the moneys.

Additionally, what are you going to be utilizing this armour for? If training without taking much damage (pest management ) the I suggest using barrows. You should think about getting a fighter torso for coaching since it includes 4 str. You wouldnt imagine how much people will do to get an additional 4 str (22 mil for tassy with 2 str). Whips are going down, furys are crashing together with the dfs. Those are only a couple of ive noticed in the last few days. Other items seem to be moving down at a quicker rate than normal today. The bgs is behaving like a mo fo too. Even sharks are moving down pretty fast, so I think its just permanent items. What do you believe? Why costs vary, in this instance .

People go pking using fury-s and dfs-s, they fall as loot and individuals sell themwhen there is more items than needs that the price will fall. Not all is falling, look at the clue scroll benefits, most of them rised pretty high then it was before. Some dropped, eg. Expensive items begin crashing because players market them to purchase pking armors.

BGS dropped a lot because, I believe that you ought to know why. (Weak specs which uses all spec energy incase you didn't know) The fishies, its not a F2P upgrade like Charizard said. P2P have them too, causing the fishies cost to crash. There are P2P bots.

Expensive armour is crashing since they do not get ruined on death in PvP anymore. When someone PKs total Bandos or something, they are likely to cheap RuneScape gold market it since they do not need it. With the previous Bounty Hunter thing, the armour would instead have been destroyed and replaced by a meagre amount of cash. Together with Wildy PKing, pricey armour never gets destroyed, they simply get moved to the PKer that won the struggle.